Highlander Adventure of a Lifetime “Stara Planina” is composed of different parts, but when all the parts are put together into complete puzzles then you get strong positive impressions. Spectacular locations, wild mountains, photography challenges, 5 hard days, 104km long trial and great people make this event very special! The photos remain to be admired and to be a motivation for some new adventures.

The international mountaineering adventure event HIGHLANDER was held for the first time in Serbia, on Stara Planina, in the city of Pirot. During five days, the participants overcame the route whose total length is 100 km, and at night they slept in tents in the mountains. The first HIGHLANDER event in Serbia gathered over 200 participants and volunteers from ten countries – Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Egypt and the United States.

In addition, nature lovers who are not able to cross 100 km, completed a three-day challenge in nature called HIGHLANDER55 (46 km), on June 14 at the Dojkinci mountain lodge.
HIGHLANDER is not a race but a personal or team challenge of an active stay in nature during which participants use a safe and friendly environment in which they push their physical, mental and emotional boundaries. The participants were greeted by the nature of the Stara Planina in all its splendor, the rain and winds tempted them, but the feeling of satisfaction due to spending time with the mountain does not leave them.

The adventure started on June 12 at the foot of Babin zub near the Plaža restaurant. At the very beginning of the first stage, the trail led in a gentle descent to the village of Topli do, over the most beautiful peaks of Stara planina on the section that goes around the peaks Tri Chuke (1,938 m), Kopren peak (1,963 m) and continues towards the attractive bay Ponor.

From there, the trail goes over pastures, and then through a pine forest leads to the Dojkinci Mountain Lodge, which is managed by the Pirot Tourist Organization. Further, the trail goes through forests and meadows and exits to the top of the mountain to the places Vrtibog and Arbanaški kladenac. The participants continue past the stone village of Gostuša, and have their next break on the beautiful Zavojsko Lake. The trail then continues to the attractive lookout point of Smilović, from where the most beautiful view of Zavojsko Lake is offered, and after that they descend to the village of Temska, where the adventure ends.

In addition to Serbia, HIGHLANDER will be held this year in 15 countries in the region and around the world, namely: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Saudi Arabia , Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

HIGHLANDER Stara planina 2021 is organized by Kamper planet d.o.o. and the association Creative Active of New Adventures (KANA), with the co-organization and support of local organizations from Pirot, including the Adventure Network, Skyteam, Tourist Organization Pirot and JP “Srbija Šume.