In February 2017 I spent two weeks in Cape Town, South Africa for one very spectacular and unique photoshooting for STIHL calendar 2018! This is the first time that I share any of my pictures from this very special project! It was more than pleasure to work together with professional photographer and my real friend Joerg Mitter during these two weeks on the very spectacular locations with more than interesting models!

Also It has been an absolute pleasure to work with amazing artist Johannes Stötter who is Body Painting world champion with truly a dazzling personality!
The main idea was to put together Body Paint Camouflage and photography around the picturesque coastline outside Cape Town, on and under gigantic Cape Town area trees, on remote mountains and in paradise-like waters.
Perfect bodies, charisma and strong personalities, along with clear artistry are the main elements of this project for STIHL calendar 2018. The models for this photoshooting come from around the world; England, The Caribbean, USA, Ecuador, South Africa and Germany.
South Africa has deservedly become a hotspot for film and photography. The impressive landscapes and full of variety, while the reliable good weather and arguably the best light in the world provide ideal conditions to showcase the metamorphosis between photography and bodypainting.
For sure to all of us this project will stay as very unique and spectacular in every way!
Huge thank you goes to STIHL on a first place as also to every single person who participated in this photoshooting in any way!!!