One of the few events that happened this year but still happened! My fourth year at the Kayak Fest around amazing Tara river and wilderness in the mountains around Montenegro.

Fantastic outdoor environment, photography challenge, turquoise river, beautiful nature, amazing sport and of course a great group of people! In most of cases my favorite photographs are water connected. It doesn’t matter if it is above, just on the surface or deep underwater.

Water always creates unique pictures and you can’t make two alike!

Despite the situation with Covid, problems with foreign travel and lack of support, the 5th Kayak Fest Tara was held this year. A festival that brings together lovers of wild water and free rivers.

What distinguishes this festival is the fact that it brings together professional kayakers, as well as beginners and nature lovers in general and various environmental organizations.

The program includes a competition for professionals as well as kayak training for those who have no experience. In addition, an important part of the festival is the music program and various lectures on wildlife safety.

So far, the festival has been visited by more than 200 kayakers from about 20 countries and a large number of visitors, both foreign and domestic. The goal is to preserve and celebrate all free rivers and point out their importance, but also to develop the local kayak community.