Last few days I was without internet and phone reception, because most beautiful places on the planet are remote and hidden. My second year at the kayakfest around amazing Tara river and wilderness in the mountains around Montenegro! Fantastic outdoor enviroment, turqouise river, beautiful nature, amazing sport and , of course, a great group of people! In most of cases my favorite photographs are water connected. It doesn’t matter if it is above, juston the surface or deep underwater. Water always creates unique pictures, and you can’t make two alike!

Kayak fest Tara was the first international Whitewater Kayaking festival in Montenegro and its region. During four days of the festival, visitors were able to partake in the kayak competition, kayak training, music program, the beauty of rivers and of course, the local cuising, one of the many natural gems of Montenegro. The aim of this festival is to promote white water kayaking, but also the natural beauty of Montenegro.

The unique geographical position of Montenegro makes it a home of many pristine canyons and wild rivers. Its rivers are among the most beautiful ones in Europe because of their purity and incredible mixture of turquoise with emerald color in the deeper sources. The incredible landscapes, magnificent canyons, crystal clear water with wild rapids and whirlpools made paddling a memorable experience for every kayaker. Montenegro has over 15 sections for paddling in classes 1-5, which makes it a unique paradise for kayakers worldwide. This year’s kayaking completition was held in a few disciplines. downriver, head 2 head and boater cross!

Tara is a river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It emerges from the confluence of the Opasnica and Verusa Rivers in the Komovi Mountains, part of the Dinaric Alps of Montenegro. The total length is 146 km, of which 141 km are in or on the border of Montenegro. Tara, thanks to it’s configuration, surrounding terrain coupled with wild beauty, is a perfect river for kayaking!

Already at the beginning the Tara, the waterfalls of Ljutica appear and then, you will pass under monumental bridge of the Tara, 165 metres high! After that, you come up to the old Roman road and then pass through the Lever Tara. “Funjički bukovi” and “Bijele ploče” will make you realise how calm and, up to this moment nice Tara is, when suddenly she becomes a wild beauty! “Nisovo vrelo” is the deepest part of canyon of 1100 metres high. Further is the bottom of the mountain top, “Curevac” (1650 m), that rises above Tara as its “eternal guardian” and one of the nicest bellevues of Durmitor. Then you end up at the waterfalls of Draga and then pass through the Radovan luka. Afterwards, you pass through the “Canyon of Susica”, “Tepački bukovi”, “Brstanovički bukovi” and the wild ride ends at “Bailovica sige.”