Making its debut on the 2019 Red Bull Air Race World Championship calendar is the picture-postcard location of Lake Balaton in Hungary. The race is moving from the traditional home above the Danube to the shores the resort city of Zamárdi, on Lake Balaton. This 77km-long freshwater rift lake in Transdanubian region of Hungary is surrounded by numerous villages & resort towns.

A refreshing change in scenery, and only 120 kilomterers away from Budapest, the lake provided wonderful and lush backdrops for the air race itself, adding luxuriant and fresh countryside vibe to the atmosphere, as well as providing wonderful opportunities for awesome photographs.

Zamárdi, a popular destination for holiday-makers from across Europe and beyond, is known for its stunning scenery, expansive beaches, and the surrounding wine-growing region.

It also boasts a racing heritage with sailing and other watersports.

It is also a famous holiday town in Somogy County, known for its beaches at Lake Balaton and for its music festivals during the summer (e.g. Strand Festival, Balaton Sound etc.).

As an update to the Budapest race location, the Lake Balaton battle is set to take place on the original 13-14 July date.