The most amazing aerial motorsport Red Bull Air Race was held in Austria in 2014 for the first time since the start in 2005. The comeback at the site of the Red Bull Ring which has a long history of motorsports, most notably as host to Formula One for 18 consecutive years throughout the 1970s and 1980s, with this years event was spectacular despite the bad weather.

Emotions ran high in Spielberg, with gusting wind in the track catching out even the most experienced of the race pilots. The tension mounted with every round and by the time we reached the Final 4, there had been pylon hits and penalties galore.

As the last pilot out on the track at Spielberg, all eyes were on the British pilot Paul Bonhomme as he positioned himself to take the race win from Matt Hall once again. Looking to extend his lead, it was nothing but classic Bonhomme as the split times were in the green as he carved through the first three quarters of the track. Ready to wrap up a fourth consecutive win, Bonhomme maintained his speed and composure, but as he raced for the Finish Gate in the final sprint, the win slipped from his grasp.

After a season of watching and waiting, racing at its finest gave an unexpected arrival at the podium and a long-awaited first win for Australian Matt Hall who finally celebrated a well-earned victory with his team. The official Final 4 results at this point are: 1. Matt Hall; 2. Paul Bonhomme; 3. Kirby Chambliss; 4. Martin Sonka. Though the weather this year was a bit rainny still everything was amazing in Spielberg in every possible way with so many things to shoot and enjoy. It’s always nice to be back in the homeland of Red Bull