For the first time since the start of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2005, the aerial motorsport has come home to Austria in 2014. The Red Bull Ring in Spielberg has welcomed back the race pilots as they touched down for the season final on 25-26 October for a showdown at the world-famous racetrack.
The site of the Red Bull Ring has a long history of motorsports, most notably as host to Formula One for 18 consecutive years throughout the 1970s and 1980s. After undergoing massive renovations and adopting a new name, the state-of-the-art Red Bull Ring racetrack hosted the DTM series in 2011, and welcomed back Formula One in June 2014 for the Austrian Grand Prix.

This was really spectacular and unforgettable finish of the season 2014 in every sense. Main thing for me is that there was lot of photography opportunities, which means that creativity and special ideas had their moments in my mind and then in my photo camera. The background for pictures was very nice – big forest, hills, mountains, blue sky and all other natural details really made the photo shooting smooth and satisfying in many ways for wide-angle photography as much as for long-lense photography.
Also, sideshows such as: Team Blanix, The Flying Bulls, The Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team, The Flying Bulls Helicopters, BMX Freestyle Show with Senad Grosic, Red Bull Skydive Team, Chris Pfeiffers Stunt moto show, Formula 1 & 3 Showrun and NASCAR Showrun, made this photo shooting more exciting and challenging. So many possibilities for great pictures just gave me more possibilities. No matter which photo equipment you had there in that moment, with a perfect eye looking true the lense you could get a perfect picture.

Winner of the Spielberg race is Nicolas Ivanoff, on the second place is Nigel Lamb and third place is Martin Sonka – three great guys, perfect pilots and real professionals, just like all other pilots, were the best team for working with. The champion of this season is Mister Nigel Lamb and just behind him are Hannes Arch and Paul Bonhomme.

Everything was amazing in Spielberg in every possible way with so many things to shoot and enjoy in and that was certainly one of the best Air Races ever. And if you ask me why – well, it’s so obvious – that is the home of Red Bull!