Californian sun and sand were one of my last photoshootings and the second stop of the $1 million 2012 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, mastering the biggest and most challenging course in the history of the sport in front of an enthusiastic Southern California crowd in Glen Helen.

When the details were released about the freestyle motocross course being built for Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen, our photo team had second thought about it. Featuring a truly massive course that dwarfs the footprint at previous Red Bull X-Fighters event, the twelve competing riders will have more options, more ground to cover and more air to soar through. Therefore we will have more ground to cover as well.
The course measures 225,000 square feet, nearly two and a half times the size of the next largest Red Bull X-Fighters course. Packed within these dimensions is 60,000 cubic yards of dirt weighing 1.6 tons per cubic yard. This enormous area features more than 30 different riding options, including a step down, a bowl-curved wall, a quarter pipe and a 160’ jump – the biggest ever in competition.
Regardles the conditions outcome was very impresive and the whole team was satisfied with the job done. Todd Potter was the master of the 60-foot high step up that scared half of the field away from the biggest hill jump ever included in a Red Bull X-Fighters course.