The Red Bull X-Fighters celebrated the 11th year of FMX in Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring at what has become Europe’s greatest FMX event. Photo shooting that occurs during the days of this competition is very different from the other sport event photo shootings. The adrenaline that fills the air in the arena is something that is very hard to describe in words. At least 4 photographers make a photo shooting team that’s in charge of covering every moment and place of the event.

Despite its economic woes, Spain is on top of the sports world. The nation of champions when it comes to soccer and motorsport also dominated the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Madrid. Practically the home event for the Red Bull X-Fighters!

The series originally began 11 years ago in the bullfighting arena in Valencia. Only a year later, the competition went to Madrid. Since 2002, the FMX elite has been flying through the air consistently at Las Ventas, one of the most famous bullfighting arenas in the world. What Wimbledon is to Tennis is the Plaza de Toros in Madrid to FMX.

The amazing atmosphere in bullfighting arena “Plaza De Toro” makes this competition of the best FMX riders in the world a unique and every time a different experience.