After all the places I have been to around the world, the start of the Red Bull X-Fighters season in 2013 took me to Mexico. Incredibible Mexico City was the first of six stops of this year’s tour. Instead bullfighters and bull fights, Monumental Plaza de Toros, the largest bullfighting arena in the world hosted this time a modern gladiators – the best freestyle motocross riders. High altitude shots from the highest levels of the arena made this project and images stand out a bit from previous ones.

The Plaza de Toros in Mexico is the biggest bullfight arena in the world and the secon arena in which I photographed freestyle motocross action after that one in Madrid.
From the very beginning, all hinted that this event will be unique, and only one view from the top of the arena was enough to know that this is going to be spectacular, so that is really how it was.
The atmosphere, the crowd, the emotions, the contestants, all the energy, everything was absolutely perfect and at the highest level.

What marked the beginning of this year’s tour and what left an impression on all of us is the death of Japanese rider Eigo Sato. Sato died 28th February 2013 while practicing on his course in Japan. The whole event was devoted to the memory of him, which was obvious concerning the riders. Thomas Pagés who eventually won a victory, was driving the in the name of his sadly lost collegue. It was fantastic watching the show on a whole new level of riding.
I managed to take a few photos in which, for the first time, it could be seen some of Tom’s new positions, tricks and moments. Thanks to the uniqueness and the size of Plaza de Toros Monumental I managed to photograph everything from different angles, as well as high-altitude photographs which gave a new dimension. I am overwhelmed with photographs of the event that is definitely the best Red Bull X-Fighters I have ever worked on.
Red Bull X-Fighters is one of the biggest and most respected freestyle motocross competition that brings together the best riders in the world and selects the most attractive locations around the planet on which the tricks will be performed. X-Fighters competition and event dateing since 2001 in next months will visit Dubai, Glen Helen, Osaka, Madrid and Pretoria.