Photoshooting Red Bull X-Fighters became some sort of a traditional event in my working calendar, and every year it gets better than the previous one. Top FMX riders from all over the world each year bring new stunts into this amazing competition and the thrill of being part of such event is very special feeling to me.

So far I covered many stops during X-Fighters tournaments worldwide, but bull arena has some special spirit because of its historical and traditional background. The Plaza de Toros in Mexico City is the biggest bullfight arena in the world, and it was traditional season opener for Red Bull X-Fighters calendars from 2005 to 2010. After a two-year break, the Mexican capital made it back on the tour schedule in 2013 and will kick off the 2015 season. This bullring is usually dedicated to bullfighting, but many boxing fights have been held there as well. It was opened on 5th February 1946 and annually since then, that date marks the date of the Corrida de Aniversario. The building of the bullring exceeded imagination, especially when half have arisen in the air and a half deep excavations twenty meters below ground level.

From its creation in 2001 the Red Bull X-Fighters concept grew into the biggest and most respected freestyle motocross event on the planet. The best FMX riders always push this sport forward with their mad tricks that they perform in new countries around the globe. They all have a vast catalogue of gravity-defying FMX tricks at their disposal. Each year the bullring is fully packed with crowd and 38,000 screaming fans along with the sound of drums pump the atmosphere for daredevil riders. The ticket prices for this event are from $320 to $799.

This year’s winner at first Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Mexico City was Australian Clinton Moore who recieved the ovation of a lifetime from 38,000 crowd. New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood finished in second and Frenchman Thomas Pagès in third place. The best trick voting for Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria on Facebook Fanpage was „Bundy“ performed by Clinton Moore.

Previous articles from Red Bull X-Fighters at this monumental place you can read in my articles from season 2014 and season 2013.

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