Once again I had the plesure to work on the project in Sri Lanka, only this time acent was on four riders from the Red Bull X-Fighters team who set the Colombo on fire as they performed their flips and tricks in front of more than 25000 people.

The Fearless four kept their promise and entertained the crowd with their spectacular stunts.
They were in their blazing glory as the Red Bull X-Fighters took on Colombo. They shook spectators out of their seats as they did their back flips and superman tricks in the air.
The grand stand seats were sold out by over a 1000 and the crowds kept clamouring to get in. This year, the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams kicked off to the sounds of local fusion drumming and a song composed especially for the event.

The boys then came out for their warms ups and this got the crowd going. Once they were up in the air the crowd was up on their feet screaming for their favourite riders.
Nick, Daniel, Gilles, Bjorn collectively concluded that this is one of the most enthusiastic crowds they have ever experienced. The crowds waited for hours after the event just to get a glimpse of the riders.