Adventure of a lifetime in Croatia made 300 new HIGHLANDERS and introduced HIGHLANDER to the whole world. For the second year in a row, I am returning to “HIGHLANDER” and the incredible mountain Velebit. As the Head of photographers for all HIGHLANDER events, I have the special honor of being in completely amazing places and capturing it all with my camera. The weather conditions largely determine what kind of photos we will end up getting. Amazing nature and some completely wild places create an amazing background and create “ADVENTURE OF A LIFE TIME” for everybody!

Certainly, in addition to the incredible nature, people and participants have a special role in photography, because the incredible energy of all of them is recognizable in the photos themselves. This was certainly one of the few events this year given the Covid situation around the world. We are waiting for the next year and the entire HIGHLANDER events series in over 10 countries!

The fourth incredible hiking adventure HIGHLANDER Velebit came to an end. The biggest hiking event this year took place from the 12th until the 17th of September in the heart of the amazing Velebit mountain in Croatia. Alongside that, the newest addition to the HIGHLANDER series HIGHLANDER55 had its premiere edition.

Over 300 brave nature lovers and hikers started their journeys on Zavižan and warmed up hiking on Premužić’s trail, an architectural masterpiece that took them straight into the heart of the mountain. Velebit was kind to HIGHLANDERS, and the weather was sunny. It was windy at times, but not a single cloud was in sight. Perfect time to explore two amazingly beautiful National Park Northern Velebit and Paklenica.

HIGHLANDER55 showed the participants the most beautiful part of Velebit and the most amazing views of the Adriaticsea which no one could just pass by without stopping and admiring the sight. It proved to be the perfect weekend adventure for those new to hiking or those who wanted to escape the bustle of the city and step away from the concrete jungle.

HIGHLANDER Velebit proved to be a real challenge for some participants, but the rest decided to soldier on and break the walls in their heads and push their own bodies’ limits a bit further. And 200 of them did just that and deserved their HIGHLANDER titles!

The route took them through tough Ramino Korito, a beech rainforest, to the most beautiful sunset and sunrise you’ll ever see at Panos. It gave them the extra energy needed to get to the last checkpoint before the finish – Veliko Rujno – where they got to sleep under the clear sky filled with billions of stars.

The first HIGHLANDER to pass the whole route that took him from the mountain straight to the Sea was a 17-year-old who proved that 107 kilometers can be easily passed with good preparation, great mindset, and going, lightweight.

During HIGHLANDER, participants got a chance to listen to the legendary alpinist Stipe Božić talk about his two climbs on Mt. Everest but also got a chance to chill out just listening to great live music, talking, making friends, and sharing stories from the route. Although hard to describe, HIGHLANDER can be summed up into 5 words –the adventure of a lifetime – and it truly is one. Every HIGHLANDER had a unique experience in the event, but they all got to become a part of the HIGHLANDER family.