It is not a simple task of making a photoshoot with a free diver in a studio and conditions that have absolutely no connection with a world underwater. It was an absolute pleasure taking such a challenge with a great friend Tijana Nikolic, Serbian free diver and making it a reality. Imagining the ambience she would be in and adjusting it with the conditions and resources that we had at our disposal, was enough. Since our only goal was to make Tijana’s portraits, the task was really an easy one. Good fun and atmosphere during the shoot only contributed that this be just another one of our hangouts.


Tijana was born on March 21st, 1986 and has been competeing in freediving events regularly since 2009. She fell in love with freediving from the moment she first tried using a monofin.She is a member of the Serbian national team and the proud holder of 19 national records, the title “Athete of the Year” in 2012 and a bronze medal from the World Championship. She is also an SSI freediving instructor and AIDA judge.

As a member of the Serbian national team, and through participation in World Championship events, she promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, a passion for the unique and challenging sport and acts as a role model to young people, drawing them to freediving and sports in general.
Freediving competitions are extremely challenging and explore the limits of the human body. Tijana has great potential. Her performances are impeccable and she works hard with a great passion for the sport of freediving.