The only thing that you can feel while standing 1,5 meters close to a moving formula is speed thrill! The feel of breeze on my face from a 260km/h speeding formula and the roar of its engine are absolutely breath taking. There are not much photographers in the world who had such experience. I can share almost the same excitement about Mumbai, the city which one must see in order to believe it.

This day will always be remembered as the day Mumbai had its first tryst with F1. The spirit of this dynamic city was celebrated on the marvelous Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link as Red Bull Racing Pilot David Coulthard zoomed down the RajiV Gandhi Sea Link in his Red Bull Racing F1 car.
The Sunday afternoon heat did not deter the enthusiasm & passion of the Mumbaikars as they made their way to Bandra Reclamation to view this historic event. The energy was high, something you would experience before the start of any Formula 1 race. Dressed in the trademark Red Bull Racing Pilot Jumpsuit, David Coulthard walked out to his magnificent Red Bull Racing F1 car to do what he came to Mumbai for – give Mumbai its first taste of F1 by driving down the Sea Link.

The unmistakable smell of rubber filled the air as the speed machine screeched leaving its wake on the Sea Link, its first set of virgin tire marks. The next few moments left Mumbai truly mesmerized, as they watched in awe as a blur of blue, yellow & red swiftly yet gracefully flowed on the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. To add to the Formula 1 rush, David skillfully performed some ‘killer – every young racers fantasy’ 360 degree wheel spins on the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, a thrill that people have never gotten to experience before. David also blasted down his car into full view of the fans at the Bandra – Reclamation and entertained them with some trademark wheel spins & moves, displaying his enviable skills as a driver & the awesome power of the car. You could almost hear the people egging for more as David headed back to the paddock. Much to the delight of the people, David returned sans F1 car waving to the crowd, thanking Mumbai for their presence and to show his appreciation for their support. Commenting on his first experience with F1 in India, David ¬said, “This afternoon has been simply amazing. To be part of Red Bull Racing Team and Mumbai’s first ever F1 showcase event ever has made this an incredible memory to cherish. When I look back on this I can take pride in the fact that I was part of the first Formula 1 team to experience the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link in a Formula 1 car. Mumbai is such a vibrant city and it’s simply captivated me despite my short stay. I couldn’t have thought of a better city & place to do this event. With over 50000 spectators and 200 media, Red Bull Speed Link was a landmark event not just for Red Bull but for India as well. Thanks to Mumbai!


Mumbai is the financial capital of India where the seeds of dreams are sown, the dream to make big in its film industry that churns hundreds of movies each year to for cinema buffs. Regarded as industrial capital of the country this city that was built by the Britishers reminds you of the nineteenth century industrial city of Britain. It is said that Mumbai city never sleeps and all this is said because of its happening nightlife, busy streets and hosts of markets t o keep you busy all the day.
In case you plan to visit Mumbai then the ideal time to visit it is from September to April when the weather is cool. People come to this city with big dreams in their eyes of making big out here and as a result it has earned the title of New York of India. This city has witnessed a number of people make big out here.
This cosmopolitan city of India is home to more than thirteen million people with great contrast in the manner in which people reside here. The biggest attractions on Mumbai roads are its Double Decker buses and Fiat taxis which lends an old flavor to this bustling city.
What drives people to Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra is its film industry that is even called Bollywood deriving its famous name from Hollywood of U.S. Till 1996 it was named Bombay meaning good bay and later on changed to Mumbai taking its name from Mumbadevi who is the goddess of the Koli fisherman tribe. By 2015 it is expected to emerge as the second largest metro in the world.
Mumbai, India is one of the most unique places you will ever travel to. There are plenty of different attractions to spend your time taking in. Make sure you plan to spend plenty of time in Mumbai because you don’t want to be disappointed when you run out of time to do everything.
The most popular attraction in Mumbai is the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower. While this is a hotel it is full of striking beauty and plenty of personal service. This is the place to stay if you are lucky enough to get a reservation early enough. The Taj Mahal is always booked to capacity so make sure you plan your trip well in advance. If you aren’t able to stay in this luxurious hotel make sure you take the time to check it out anyway.

The Gateway of India is a very famous site you will want to spend time at while in Mumbai. There is plenty of activity in this area including a market, a small carnival, and even rides to take a tour around the harbor. There are always plenty of people in the Gateway of India taking part in the various activities. It is a very fun and active place to spend your time. Make sure you take plenty of pictures of this majestic archway.
For those of you who enjoy the great outdoors you need to experience Sanjay Gandhi National Park. There are plenty of amazing views to be found from this area. You will also be able to enjoy wild animals, plants, and flowers that habitat the area. The architecture in Mumbai is absolutely amazing and you will see plenty of beautiful structures from this National Park. Make sure you experience the amazing structure of the Shivaji Terminus railway up close. Some of the various items it features include stained glass windows, domed arches, and pillars with amazing carvings on them. If you want a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery make sure you take a leisurely train ride.
There are plenty of places in Mumbai to explore the culture as well. You will find museums, music festivals, and plenty of places to try out the Indian cuisine. You will find quiet little cafes as well as wonderful gourmet meals. Mumbai is a wonderful place that has plenty to offer. Regardless of what you interested in you will find it there.