KTM photoshooting with amazing factory stunt rider Rok Bagoros in the largest aluminum factory as completely unbelievable location can result only in unique photos. Fire, smoke, stunts and incredible energy are just a small part of this photoshooting. It’s great to work with people whose ambitions are constantly growing, and thus they motivate other young people who would want to practise some of the similar activities.

I first met with Rok in 2009 through our mutual friend, four times world champion and one of the best stunt riders in the world Chris Pfeiffer. With Chris I worked a lot of times earlier and therefore I was not surprised when I saw with him some promising kid who performs tricks on his scooter. Even then I could assume that it is someone who will in the future be known as a stunt rider. At that time Rok was at the beginning of his career, and today after 5 years from our last meeting he became a professional stunt rider, KTM factory rider and totally different rider that overcomes a small scooter and now rides the KTM 690 Duke. On that bike he now performs some firely stunts, in the real sense of that word.

Rok stands for one of the most popular young riders on social networks today because he is literally transfering his life online. Also when you look at his show you realize that he has a great passion for stunt riding and freeriding, and the motto “Dream big and never give up.”
We plan our next photographic project very soon and it will certainly be epic. Stay tuned!
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