The photo shooting project with Marko Dragosavljevic is just another proof that all big and unique projects can’t be made without a lot of effort and sacrifice.

In my discovery for amazing locations for my book “SERBIA FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE” I found some locations that immediately made me unique for Marko’s training and kayaking on them.

Two months of photo shooting and 8 different locations are a summary of this whole project which has behind it Marko’s incredible energy, motivation and on the end photos that tell this story in a special way. I am certainly grateful to RED BULL for the incredible support from day one and the first idea for this project!

Marko Dragosavljević, a Serbian kayaker and Red Bull athlete who has won a large number of medals in the most important competitions in his career, takes you through the unusual locations of his trainings through the Training Ground project.

Just like most athletes around the world in the previous period, Dragosavljevic used the absence of competition to make an ideal combination of training and getting to know the natural beauties of Serbia in his kayak.

The Serbian sprinter was joined in that endeavor by Predrag Vuckovic, a world-famous extreme and underwater photographer, who this time immortalized Marko’s sailing through some of the most beautiful rivers in Serbia from different perspectives.

Thus, we got effective and unforgettable moments from almost all parts of Serbia, from the Vrelo waterfall, the shortest river in Europe (365 meters long, which is why it is also called Year), all the way to the Danube near Golubac, where this river is the widest in the whole its flow through 10 states!

On the way through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine, the Danube is nowhere 6 kilometers wide as it is near Golubac, and the famous Golubac Fortress made Marko’s voyage even more exceptional.

The adventure continued through the backwaters and swamps between Krnjača and Pančevo, on the Danube in the vicinity of Beška and Krčedin, and one of the symbols of Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija, was unavoidable.

Finally, you will enjoy the moments in front of the famous House on the Drina, another attraction that often ends up on global tourist posters and blogs as the pride of Serbia. – I am very pleased that we made this project and I am very proud. Nature is unpredictable, you can’t take photos like this when you want, but when she lets you.

In addition, working with Pedja is something amazing, because the man is full of positive energy and sensational ideas for photography.

Two months were spent on the realization of everything, but it flew by very quickly – says Dragosavljević, and all you have to do is enjoy the amazing images in this gallery.

More images you can find on the original source for this article on the RED BULL website!