I prepared this photo shooting with Rok and Nac Florjancic Jet Ski Freestyle World champions for almost two years and somehow we always had some barrier to implementation. The biggest barrier were that I was constantly on the road, and they had their competitions and we just couldn’t precise the time and place of photo shooting. Finally the moment came when we were able to reach the agreement so we made the exact date and month in advance and it was fixed on September 15, 2014.

With a full car of photography and diving equipment and with everything that I would need for this photo shooting, I headed toward the Biograd in Croatia and there were Rok and Nac waiting for me, fully motivated, prepared and willing for this long awaited photo shooting.
We chose Biograd on the sea because there they have their own yacht, scooters, small and large boat and complete technical support, so we were all allowed to function easier, to be better prepared for photo shooting and for all what we planned to do. Their references, experience, skills, and their sport in general, which is linked to the water, were a big challenge for me and that’s why I could not wait to start working.

The first day after my arrival, we went to check the location, to find a good place where the water is clear, where the current is not strong, where the background is interesting. I was looking for something specific in terms of pure background for tricks that are done in the water and everything related to the photo shooting.
We found the perfect spot where the water was clear, in the bay, hidden from the wind so I was very satisfied with all the details around. After that, I knew what to expect so I prepared underwater housing, all underwater diving equipment and everything that we could need in the water.

Next morning we started early and when we arrived at the location it looked even better on daylight, in the sun, than the day before when we went to check the location during the dusk. Small negative detail at that moment was the water which was too cold for the month of September, but that was because of the north wind that was blowing before making quite cool water. So it was not just perfect to enjoy during the photo shooting, but it was not so important when it came to the perfect picture. Certainly we were lucky with the weather in sense of air temperature, clear sky and sun, so you could say that it was one of the most beautiful days in September.
We started the shooting and only then I realized that my imagined images will not come quite as easily, as they encountered a lot of details that have hampered our action.We were not able to determine the best distance and best angle from the water, in most cases, I was covered with a wave, and when it was not a wave then I had water drops on my port that covered everything that needs to be seen, because it is an unwritten law that the drops are always where you don’t need them.
But persistence of Rok, Nac and me has paid off and led to create unique and perfect photos that no one else has ever made before!

My goal was to show on the photography what was happening at the same time above and below the water (split-level photography) when they are jumping with jet skis and I think that we have completely fulfilled the task just as we planned to do.
For this type of photo shooting, one day is not enough and so we made a deal to repeat everything, but next year. I’m sure, it will be completely another perspective, because now I know what to expect in every segment. We completely understood each other in sense that now they know what might be good or bad for the perfect picture. Definitely, after 5-6 hours of photo action, now we know how to play this game together and not let even that cold water to keep us away from achieving the results and the acquisition of new experiences, and at the same time from the achievement of a future photography. It was such a pleasure and honor to work with these two great guys, real professionals and supreme athletes and I’m looking so much forward to meet again with them at some beautiful water playground and location.

For this photo shooting I used the Nikon D4 in SUBAL underwater housing ND4. Speed of the camera and my experience in this kind of photo shooting in have contributed to get what I imagined. It is the perfect pictures that I have previously dreamed of, as is the case with most of my pictures when it comes to some big, important and special project to me. I know that I have fulfilled what I have imagined and I got the picture from my dreams, since you can get such photos only if you imagine them in your mind and then look for them, because they will never come by themselves.


Rok (29) and Nac (28) Florjancic – the present world champion and vice-champion in the discipline of freestyle Jet Ski, are also the pioneers of this sport in this region.
Rok discovered Jet Ski at age of seven, and a year younger Nat followed his brother’s footsteps. When they fully mastered jet skis and basic techniques, they turned to the freestyle discipline, which is the heaviest and most attractive in this water sport.
Rok and Nac today are two members of RNF team, a well-known name worldwide in competitions and water events. They have no rivals in this discipline in Europe so the biggest competition is between themselves.