I recently gave an interview for the Israelian high quality lifestyle magazine named HDL. I was pretty much surprised with the quality of the print and paper itself, and so far it is the best printed issue of a foreign magazine I’ve seen in the past several years. It is written in Hebrew and listing it from left to right was very interesting for me.

1. How and when your love to photography and extreme all started?
First there came love for extreme sports when I was 10 and that was BMX riding, skateboarding and snowboarding. Later came many other extreme sports (wakeboarding, surfing…) which is inevitable when you have that extreme passion in yourself. During these extreme actions I got a big wish to take photos of all the tricks from other guys and not just that, but also to take photos of many other things that surrounded me. So, my two passions related and today I have a big advantage over the others who have never practiced any extreme sport. You need to understand all the tricks and actions that you are shooting if you want to have a perfect image!
2. As a kid in Belgrade, did you had any other dreams?
I have always been aimed by dreams that I have already made and these are extreme sports and photography.
3. Describe me your day to day routine in your job.
It’s hard to explain my day routine because it depends if I’m somewhere abroad or in my country and also on the job that I have. But, generally, if I’m in Belgrade my day routine is related to my photo studio, fitness magazine and the gym – the biggest fitness center in Serbia of which I’m the owner. And when I travel for my work as a photographer, that routine is directed by events and places.

4. Do you have a special tactics as far as extreme photography is concerned?
For me it’s important to have a unique and special style of photographing and that is why I do have my own tactic… One of those is a `split levels photography` which I’m working on for a long time. It means that you shoot some action and athlete half and half – air and water which is very difficult especially when the water is not calm. For that you need to have patience, sometimes for hours. In the and when I have a photo that I imagined I’m more then satisfied. My main goal is to have a picture which is telling the whole story of my experience during the photo shooting or showing the perfect moment of some action. I have my recognizable style which is very important if you want to be different than the others.
5. What does photography mean to you? What is your next goal in that field?
It means a profession, enjoying and a dream come true. I have several projects in future which are really unique, extreme and exceptional but right now I have to keep them for myself as a `top secret`. You will know everything when the right moment comes and it will be in the nearest future.
6. Do you have one unforgettable image that you can’t forget?
No, I don’t have that image because it’s very hard to distinguish one of so many. When I recall where I’ve been and what I had to do for all those special photos it’s impossible to choose only one!

7. Do you have any other hobbies?
Scuba diving and related to that my great passion – underwater photography, which allows me to be a part of the magical underwater world making some unimaginable photos. I’ve been diving 20 years already and it’s something unexplainable when you are down there without any noise, pressure and hurry from the usual world out of water. It helps me to fill my batteries for next actions.
8. Describe your view to a meaningful life full of passion.
I think that you have the answer to this question from all that you read till now!
9. Have you been in Israel before?
I’ve been in Jerusalem one time and it was a great experience to see all the historical places and monuments of that ancient city. I hope I’ll see it again sometime. I had two offers for some projects in Israel but unfortunately they were cancelled. Maybe some of them will be made in future. Also, I have one good friend in Tel Aviv that I met on the other side of the world who I would like to visit someday.

10. What is your current project that you are working on?
I mentioned that before… It’s that “top secret” that I can’t talk about. All I can say is that some of them are concerning “split levels” and underwater photography.
11. You are doing also fashion, lifestyle and studio shooting. Do you find it as interesting as the extreme territory?
Yes, I do that kind of photography mainly because of my magazine about fitness, wellness and sports and many other international magazines that I’m working with. But it’s impossible to compare all this. All I can say is that definitely that kind of shooting does not represent such a challenge, but sometimes it feels nice to be in studio in one place shooting some static things after difficult and hard work somewhere on the cold and hard to reach places.
12. Give me some tips for tomorrow’s photographers.
Believe in yourself and your work unconditionally.
You have to get know the sport or the subject matter that you are shooting.
You need to have good communication with athlete or model.
Be unique with your own style and creativity.