Within the May’s edition of Men’s Fitness for Germany (also Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg), I was asked to present some of my work with an interview. The print is 110 000 copies monthly, and it always makes me proud when big editorial brands are interested in publishing my interview and photos.I hope that the readers of Men’s Fitness around Germany will found this May’s issue interesting, not only because of my pictures in it, but also because it is full of useful articles about health, nutrition, exercise and outdoor sports.

Predrag was born in Belgrade, Serbia, 38 years ago. He has been dealing with photography since 1989. At that time he was taking part in many extreme sports: BMX freestyle riding, snowboarding, skateboarding, windsurfing, diving… Still now he is passionately involved in few of those sports and mostly diving, climbing and snowboarding. These skills allow him to take pictures from incredible and hardly accessible places all over the world.

Predrag is the official photographer of Red Bull Photofiles since 2006 and that is why he is mostly out of his country traveling from one continent to another true all the year, taking part of the biggest extreme events. When he is not working on those events, he enjoys in climbing on mountains and exploring numerous canyons when he is taking pictures of incredible nature. Also, his great passion is underwater photography which allows him to be a part of the magical underwater world making some special photos.
His main goal in photography is to make unique, creative and exceptional pictures which are telling the whole story of his experience during the photo shooting or showing the perfect moment of some action. Predrag has his own very recognizable style and that is very important if you want to be different than the others.
His pictures are published in lot of magazines all over the world and he’s cooperating with a few of them regularly and frequently.