Photographing a trail race brings with it some special challenges, but the natural environment and the ambiance in the mountains create a special feeling for both runners and photographers. The preshoot I did for the Durmitor Trail Run was just another one of those special days that remain priceless behind us looking back on being in nature with good people. Durmitor is definitely one of my favorite mountains in the region, and that was only confirmed once again with the ambiance he created for us on the day of this preshooting we had. Wherever you turn your camera, you’ll be greeted by a picture-postcard ambience that you can only complete with one of the trail runners. And finally, this is just another confirmation that we will have a great race on July 13, 2024, with an incredible landscape as a background for both the runners and for all those who will photograph this incredible race.

Trail races are organized on natural terrain and this form of recreation has experienced great popularity in recent years both among professionals and recreational runners. In addition to providing an unforgettable sporting experience, the Coinis Durmitor Trail Run 2024 is also a great opportunity to socialize during the holidays, bringing together lovers of nature and outdoor activities from different pcountries.

Coinis Durmitor Trail Run 2024 consists of a race around 5 lakes with a distance of 20km, a 10km race, a 5km race and a 500m children’s race. The 20km race has a total ascent of 1000m, giving participants the opportunity to test their abilities and push their personal limits. The 10km race is perfect for those who want a middle distance challenge, while the 5km race is a great opportunity for recreational runners.

The children’s race is a special opportunity to spend a great day in nature with your family, creating unforgettable memories and supporting a healthy lifestyle for the youngest.

The route passes through some of the most impressive parts of Durmitor, including unforgettable mountain trails and providing participants with a unique experience. Participants will have the privilege of seeing some of the most beautiful lakes on Durmitor, starting from the main tourist attraction of Black lake, through no less imposing sights such as Zminje and Jablan lakes to the hidden Barno lake.