My picture with parkour athlete Ryan Doyle got published on the cover page of Raus Magazin, one of the most popular outdoor magazine in Germany. This is the proof that good photography doesn’t know any boundaries, and that makes me happy even more. The shot was made at Santorini, Greece for the purpose of Red Bull commercial campaign broadcasted globally and an international documentary. Here is the full article: Photoshooting with Ryan Doyle, one of the best parkour athletes in the world – Santorini, Greece.

Raus Magazin published by the Terra Oceanis Publisher has one approach, with all publishing titles occupy a special position in their respective market segments. Also in this magazine is the target group of 25 – to 50-year-old in focus. A new, spacious imagery brings the emotion and the experience of outdoor living in the foreground. In this case, the magazine shows all sporting aspects that are fun outdoors. For the young and young generation of outdoor athlete, you can no longer find long only on the mountain or amende the world, but wherever it is fun to experience nature – as well as in the urban environment German metropolitan areas. This is the first outdoor magazine that not only devoted to mountain and valley world, but its readers and active recreational activities suggests in its and their city around, shows us new ideas, encouraged to follow suit – for outdoor living OUT! More images more emotion, more authenticity, more fun! OUT! The magazine for urban adventure and wilderness!