Another “Red Bull Art of Motion” is behind me in lovely Greece and it was absolutely great to see some friends and faces after a long time.
The highest-profile freerunning competition, Red Bull Art of Motion, returns for its eighth edition in Greece, landing in the Athenian Riviera presenting a unique water playground for its participants.

As the playground was completely new for all the competitors, the challenge from the photographic perspective was much bigger! Two beautiful ships anchored in the port of Piraeus with all the unique obstacles on it attracted all the best freerunners.These 18 world’s best athletes showed their skills at sea, enchanting judges, and spectators!

Krystian Kowalewski took the first place in the grand finale of  Red Bull Art of Motion 2021 as also Noa Diargona won the title of Best Female of the institution!


Red Bull Art of Motion is a parkour and freerunning competition, established in 2007 and created by Red Bull. It is an international competition with qualifiers being held in various regional competitions around the world throughout the year. Winners from the regional competitions each year earn their ticket to get to the finals, held towards the end of the year.
The inaugural competition was held in Vienna, Austria, and has since been held in various other countries!