I was honored to be the official photographer third time in a row for one of the biggest freerunning events in the world. Red Bull Art of Motion returned to the island of Santorini, Greece, the so-called freerunning paradise. Once again the world’s top freerunners got together on an epic course setting against the volcanic landscape and the infinite blue sea.

Deploying their unique style in a demanding and natural track, 18 freerunners were competing against the course and themselves, presenting their own unique skills through their awesome tricks, runs and drops.
These athletes are amazing and it is such a big pleasure to work with them. During our photoshoot you can really feel high level of energy and you can be really surprised what humans can do. Imagination is not a limit for these guys.

Watching the creativity, flow and execution of the 18 freerunners, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, it becomes obvious why they are called urban artists, although the world-class athleticism on display is also undeniable. Surrounded by iconic scenery, once again Red Bull Art of Motion created living art past weekend.


Red Bull Art Of Motion brought together urban body artists from 12 countries to mix art and sports when they performed on a course that went over roofs, domes, terraces and swimming pools for a timed run of 90 seconds.

My story, making of and highlight pictures from last year’s Red Bull Art Of Motion you can find on this link.