Urban jungle of various cities around the globe is what makes this extreme sport interesting, so I always enjoy while photoshooting this kind of action. This time we transferred the piece of urban jungle to remote non-urban volcano island of Santorini for the unique contest of Red Bull Art of Motion.

The world’s best parkour and freerunning athletes met once more to show us their stunning skills on Greek Island of Santorini in the competition Red Bull Art of Motion. Santorini with its whitewashed stone roofs is natural obstacle course for the most stylish and fluent freerunning and parkour tricks ever witnessed. While attempting to impress the judges each athlete performed amazing tricks, giving them lots of creativity, fluidity and style to evaluate. The aim of the contest is simple – cover the distance from the start to finish line with as much style as humanly possible. I was very excited while photographing these guys, most of all because I worked with them many times before, and watching them performing amazing flips, dive rolls, aerial twists and hard drops only revoked my memories. Ryan Doyle, with whom I had done some spectacular photos many times before, also found his place in this contest among the best of the best. The British daredevil is always ready for action and is always looking to push things to the limit, but, sadly, he ended on 8th place this time, because of an injury.

This photoshooting wasn’t easy at all because the area of coverage was very wide so I couldn’t predict which route the contestant would take towards the goal. There was also a lot of luck involved in this photoshooting, and I believe I had it as much as needed in order to give theese amazing photos.

Pavel Petkuns was crowned the king of Santorini as he claimed victory at Red Bull Art of Motion, as he beated the 20 world’s best freerunners. Narrow streets of Santorini were filled with crowd of 2500 spectators to watch the gravity defying action. The Latvian freerinning specialist exited from the urban jungle and showed everyone what he can do in Santorini. 260 metre long course with crossed roof tops, terraces and swimming pool also had the leap-of-faith over a 70 metre drop, which brought most of cheers from the crowd.