I am pleased to see that my picture with Valery Rozov, taken in Kamchatka during the jump into the volcano, has been used as the cover page for the first issue of Red Bull Content Pool Magazine. This magazine will be printed in enormous number of copies and will be provided worldwide for all kinds of media.

Red Bull has always been a content provider. From the very beginning, some 20 years ago, Red Bull created events that excite media interest and generate stories that journalists and photographers love to cover.
Over the course of those two decades, Red Bull has built an enormous treasury of exclusive premium content. This collection of moving and still images, features and articles is now made available to you, the media, in the Red Bull Content Pool: www.redbullcontentpool.com.

Here you’ll find the compelling content you need: images to support your work, footage to enrich your media. The Red Bull Content Pool is continuously updated and expanded, and it’s always available for you, 24/7.
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