It is always a great pleasure when one of the thousands of photos is singled out and placed in a special place. That’s exactly what happened with my photo of the Red Bull F1 car in front of the monument to Prince Mihailo in the center of Belgrade. What is important to say within this short story is that I never send my photos to any competitions and that this is one of my rules that runs through my entire photography career. I just don’t take photos to compete with other photographers.

In this case, it’s nice to see a photo that I imagined long before I made it, that it was chosen as the picture of the month at the global Red Bull Photography level. I look at drone photography in a completely different way, and this photo is a true example of my thinking when it comes to a completely different perspective. I hope that my photos will continue to decorate the Red Bull world in my own way! You can also check the whole story about this unique photography on this link as well as the Red Bull Photography website with full announcement about picture of the month for April 2022!