Red Bull Romaniacs is for sure one of the toughest hard enduro race in the world. I have been honored to work on this totally amazing event as an official photographer for the past 10 years in a row. Through all these years I witnessed many different participants and track routes, various weather conditions changed, but only one thing remained the same – extremely hard race conditions that are sometimes inhuman and are tough challenge for all riders, organizers, photographers and all those people even with the smallest role of participating in the Red Bull Romaniacs! I can also proudly announce the new event with a poster with my image on it.

From the photographer’s perspective this race represents everything that any photographer would ever wanted. Possibilities of photoshooting this event is so large that sometimes you simply are not sure what to choose or what part of the track to visit. The multitude of potentialy superb photographic spots are pure joy for amateurs and professional photographers. Water, mud, river crossing, narrow passes, uphills and downhills represent a vast range of photographic challenges.