After my first independent exhibition had been postponed at the beginning of 2010, my team and I finally decided to organize one at the end of the year. Due to many expeditions and professional engagements I was unfortunately forced to postpone the event.

The final preparations for the display began at the end of November, after I had returned from my visit to the Antarctic, since the date of the opening had already been arranged. The event called “Red Bull Underground Photo Exhibition” was planned for December, 28, three days prior to New Year’s Eve, at café-restaurant Playground, which is located in the centre of Belgrade. Just as we wanted, we succeeded in organising the exhibition which was supposed to be unique and unusual and different from all the others. First of all, everyone was delighted to get the unusual invitation, which was a perfect introduction to the exhibition – it was made of transparent foil in the shape of a negative, with some information about the show, such as the date and the location, on it. Guests were most of all puzzled by the warning on the box in which the foil was, which said “sensitive to daylight”, so they were extremely careful while opening it. I am very pleased that everybody found the idea interesting and definitely unique.
The collection of 25 photos was displayed on big plasma TV screens, and each of them was connected to one of many lap top computers. This also set this exhibition apart and made it different. There were special lights in the showroom which put emphasis on each of the photos, making them very expressive. What I found most difficult was the process of choosing only 25 photos, among a few hundreds of those that marked my career.
I have to mention that I was fascinated by the fact that all the people who had been invited really came to the exhibition. There were many celebrities among them, singers, actors and many respectable photographers. Besides the photos, visitors were very interested in my equipment, which was presented in specially designed showcases. The reason why I decided to put it on display was the torrent of questions which I had been getting on the Internet – mainly about how the photos had been taken.
In conclusion, I can say that “Red Bull Underground Photo Exhibition” will be remembered as an exhibition never seen before, till the next one, when I’ll try to organise another spectacular and unforgettable event. Don’t ask when that will be!
In the end I want to express my gratitude for supporting my work to all my associates, especially to NIKON and RED BULL.