Every front cover page always has it’s special value and that value is definitely greater in today’s time of internet and social media. Magazines are unfortunately slowly fading away, but there are still those that have their special place on the market.

It will probably be the case in the future and every magazine or a book that would exist in a paper form will have an even greater value and every photograph to be published in them will have an absolute prestige. If a cover page is to be considered coupled with the aforementioned, then the motivation for every photographer would be unlimited!

One of my newest cover pages that I’m proud to present is the newest Red Bulletin magazine for the German market, in German language. The cover page was made in Russia during the Extreme Sailing World Cup with this sport’s legends such as Roman Hagara and Hans-Peter Steinacher, Austria’s most successful summer athletes and their interview about leaving the racing circuit after 24 years and also about basic trust, courage for individuality and their new life.