How to start the story of adventure and travel, which has been specific and unique from the very beginning? So much so, that this adventure should be had only with the closest friends and imagined from the very beginning as an active holiday. The plan was made almost a year before the journey itself is going to happen, where the couple of us have gathered together in a cafe, as is often the case, with the idea to organize a trip to Egypt for a vacation, on a diving safari in the Red Sea.

Since in modern days, due to business obligations, most things are done online, we set up a group on Viber with future participants of our adventure, and indeed from that moment on, our journey begins. We filled the group in record time, I think it took a couple of days, and gathered our closest friends. It was not important when we are going, nor the route we choose or which ship we take. The only thing important to us is that we’re all going together and that we’re all hardly waiting the day that we board the plane and leave.

The D day arrived at the end of June. We arrived to Hurghada in the afternoon and checked in the hotel. Our plan was to relax and for a few days before boarding the ship, and to do so after the safari, to rest and recollect before returning to Belgrade. We all could hardly wait to go under the water, and after a few days we have boarded a great ship, met with a great team of guides and the crew, and with the first sunrise, we have sailed away.

We selected the so-called Northern route, also known as the route with wrecks, because we wanted each member of the team to enjoy what he likes, so during every dive we had the opportunity to choose to go to a wreck or to the coral reefs which are full of life. As there were several photographers in our team, we also formed groups with a photographer in each, so each of us would be able to capture all those great moments. Every dive has brought unforgettable moments, unique breath-taking photos and time between dives has been filled with a lot of fun and laughter. In parallel with the shooting, we also recorded a movie that will remain as a remembrance of this journey, whose recording was a lot of fun, though we have taken it very professionally.

Seven days of diving safari in Egypt has seemed too short for us since the very beginning, but we visited all the most popular locations on that route, stayed on some longer than planned, because this trip was simply different, relaxed and a real enjoyment for all. It is difficult to describe all the details of the road, energy on board and phenomenal the atmosphere that was present those 7 days in the team. I think every team member had the same idea from the very beginning, that this trip could take much longer, and I personally think no one would be bored for even a moment.As the safari approached the end, and the ship slowly arrived at the harbor, so we all began to talk between yourself about the next term, the next journey and the next adventure with the same team.

The fact that no one was missing the Internet, phone or social networks tells a lot just how fun it was! Our Viber group has been travelling with us, together, on a journey which was eagerly awaited, for a full year now. We spent the last day in the hotel, mostly at the pool, commenting on the most interesting situations, experiences, reviewing photos and general impressions. We spent the last day in the hotel, mostly at the pool, commenting on the most interesting situations, experiences, meetings photos and general impressions. After returning to Belgrade, after a couple of days, we all met again in the same cafe, where we have arranged for a year’s journey in advance, full of impressions that were still fresh to us, telling the experience over and over again. We shared photos that were created on this trip on social networks during the following months, and doing so, became even more aware of how it was all awesome and unforgettable.