My latest major project I am working on is a book that, through all my adventures, will present Serbia from a completely different perspective. I am pleased that the first official article on this topic was exclusively published on the Red Bull website because Red Bull is certainly a very important part of my team that will work on the whole project through constant support. Read all the details about my adventures and all the challenges related to the book in this article in English or directly on their website in Serbian!

You may have traversed Serbia from one end to another, you may know its natural beauty, but we are sure you have not seen it from this angle. Our esteemed photographer Predrag Vuckovic is currently working on a book called “Serbia from a Different Perspective,” and this publication will feature spectacular photographs of 200 locations in our country. From medieval monasteries, through lavish national parks, to unexplored canyons, hidden waterfalls and wildlife. This book is an adventure in itself and will leave you breathless.

Vuckovic, also known as Extreme Photographer, has gained worldwide fame by photographing extreme sports. As his lens found some of the most incredible actions in which extreme athletes pushed the boundaries of human capabilities, he pushed the boundaries of photography by capturing history. In addition to adrenaline sports, he is also known for underwater photography. His talent, creativity and years of experience result in attention-grabbing photos, which is usually followed by a comment: This is not realistic! And indeed, they are completely unreal.

Predrag’s calendar is generally booked months in advance and thanks to that, he traveled the world as one of the international Red Bull photographers photographing their biggest projects and their world series. However, this year his most important project is happening in Serbia. The book “Serbia from a Different Perspective” will be published in late 2020. On its pages you will find photos through which Vuckovic will represent our country from a completely different angle.

Some of the locations on his list are well known to the public, but Predrag has made sure to present them in an unprecedented way. You will enjoy the incredible scenery of national parks, rivers, monuments and other city symbols, medieval monasteries and fortresses. In some photos you discover places that very few people know or about or are completely unknown. These are hidden canyons and waterfalls, lakes, wild and unrealistically beautiful nature that many have forgotten or are inaccessible to many. Also, it turns out that Serbia can surprise you too, so when traveling around our country, Predrag accidentally came across places he just couldn’t resist.

He does not nickname himself an extreme photographer just because. He is involved in extreme and adventure sports with special techniques, which is why he is often out in wilderness, and is also an experienced scuba diver. In order to make photographs that fully justify the name of the book, he must use all his skills. That’s why every photo shoot is an adventure full of challenges. That is why he often photographs from helicopters and planes, with the help of drones, and even from water and underwater.

Through these spectacular photographs, Predrag captured the unique moments, spirit and character of each location. That is why these scenes are like a journey through emotions – some will enchant you with your beauty and fill with positive energy, some are enveloped in mysticism and gloominess, and some will give you goosebumps. However, one thing is for sure – no photo will leave you indifferent. As Vuckovic himself says, it is a real privilege to experience Serbia from a different angle.

If you want to see what we just wrote about, follow @theserbiabook on Instagram. On this profile, Vuckovic shares photos of places and objects he has already photographed. However, the best ones are kept exclusively for the book, which will be published later this year, and none of those photos will be shown on any social network or the internet at all. This is just another part of the plan to exclusively portray Serbia from a different perspective!