After several years of using Sea&Sea underwater housings I have decided to change the brand entirely and to replace all the components I have used so far. After many months of thinking, consulting and researching I finally decided that my new underwater housing should be from well known company “SUBAL“. Right after the first contact with this brand I realized that this is just the thing I always wanted. The first underwater housing for Nikon D4 was custom made black edition, produced specially for me!

746 pieces from which the housing for D4 is made, speaks for itself about the quality and the design of all used commands. The fact that separates this housing from the rest on the market is that all the commands on the camera can be found on the housing as well with the best technical solutions. The housing under water has neutral buoyancy which gives you very pleasant feeling and complete relief while diving.
The housing is made from the best aluminum material and after first touch you get the feeling of more than professional quality of manufacture. When you also realize that you can take videos and photos under water you will put your future dives into new dimension.

For all the divers who make videos under water the ND4 is the perfect gadget. For the film makers I would mention the ISO sensitivity switch in the upper left corner of the rear panel which is easy to use with left thumb, and also the film start-stop switch, which is on the opposite side, and easy to use as well. Regarding the underwater photographers some of the limitations that were present earlier, with this housing just won’t annoy you any more. Ergonomic placement of all important controls provides convenient and comfortable handling of the camera functions.
Threaded holes in the base of the housing allow the mounting of trays etc. On the top of the housing there is a mounting plate with a threaded hole for mounting a light-weight aiming light. The housing incorporates an excellent viewfinder optic for full frame viewing.

Huge thanks to SUBAL for super professional support. It is more than pleasure to be among only few professional photographers in PRO SUBAL TEAM!