The lack of time for all potential clients and engagements makes me accept only projects that I find challenging and fun. The call I got from Suunto, who are the world leaders in manufacturing of dive computers, heart rate monitors and outdoor instruments, was exactly what I mentioned. They contacted me in the beginning of november with idea of an advertising photoshoot on Maldives, for their products like dive computers, outdoor watches and others. It sounded very challenging and fun to me.

The project was implemented in mid-January, along with all Suunto team and brand ambassadors, I traveled to the southernmost island in the Maldives called Ayada Island. Not many people had chance to dive on that beautiful location because all around us was untouched environment, which was one of the main reasons why Suunto choose this island for their advertising photoshoot.

We spent seven days underwater, and beside dives we also enjoyed on kayaks and paddleboards so this project was fun as much as it was work. I took photos of a world class divers and freedivers, who are excellent ambassadors of this brand, and I think that together we managed to show and reveal the underwater freedom.

This was a remarkable trip with the company that takes good care of its brand and people in cooperation. I am pretty sure that we will work together sometime again in the future at some new photoshootings worldwide.