The cover page of Southside magazine from Hong Kong features one of my underwater photographs with my girlfriend Jovana Medenica holding a big seashell during snorkeling. I am happy that my pictures are being published all around the globe, and also very proud that pictures don’t recognize geographical nor cultural boundaries.

Southside Magazine is a high quality glossy monthly magazine that distributes to 35,000 extreme high net worth residents of South Island Hong Kong and The Peak. Southside readers own the most expensive property in Hong Kong. They are interested in family, home, interiors, education, entertainment, health and motoring. Southside Magazine is complimentary to residents of Southside homes valued in excess of $10 million. It is distributed in ALL of the area’s major upscale residencial complexes and also available at select high end venues. Fast Media Ltd owns and publishes Southside Magazine and Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay Magazine, two much-loved and trusted monthly lifestyle magazines that precisely target extremely high-net worth families in their respective neighborhoods. It also operates a number of trusted newsletters, websites and social media channels that connect advertisers to high net worth niches. It is an expert in local “How To” and “What’s On” information. Particular areas of specialization include dining, family, parenting, children’s activities, schools, investment, property, interior design, sailing, outdoors, hiking, pets, in-Asia travel and sport.