A photograph tells a story in a unique way and lasts forever, so when something is indescribable by words, it is best used to present what we want to remember forever. Montenegro with its beautiful mountains, sea shore, spectacular lakes, contrasts between seasons and historical locations tells its story that deserved to be presented through the magical photographs of the author Predrag Vuckovic. The book “Montenegro from a different perspective” is a true photography piece that showcases 100 incredible locations throughout Montenegro from a unique perspective of a photographer. Predrag worked on this book for the last 5 years visiting many hard-to-reach locations which even the biggest fans of Montenegro won’t recognize when going through this photographical masterpiece. Of course there are some very famous places, but presented from a unique perspective. While you scroll through the book, you get the feeling of being in all those places, and in a completely different universe.

The book had its launch on 3rd of May in one of the most exclusive hotels in Montenegro “The Chedi” in Lustica Bay. Also, the launch was followed by a video material which showed most of the presented locations again from the unusual perspective of Predrag Vuckovic, so it is best described as author taking the present audience through some new dimension of Montenegro into the world of the most wonderful emotions that enrich the spirit in every sense.

The author’s idea is for this book to inspire and motivate people to explore Montenegro and all its hidden regions. Vuckovic’s mission to explore new fascinating and undiscovered locations of Montenegro certainly goes on with an ever bigger motivation, so we will in some, hopefully close future, be able to enjoy a second expanded edition of this book.

Predrag Vuckovic is from Belgrade and has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. He is one of the few international photographers of the Red Bull company, so while his job leads him to the various places in the world searching for adrenaline, his wish for different kind of photography and extreme angles leads him to Montenegro where he tirelessly explores its every corner and collects different photographs.

The Montenegro Book website: www.montenegrobook.com Instagram: @themontenegrobook