I am pleased to announce that my picture of Jonny Walker taken during the Prologue race in Sibiu, Romania was used for the official promotional poster and media campaign for Red Bull Romaniacs 2013, The World’s Toughest Hard Enduro Rally event, that I have been photoshooting for the past six years.

As a playground, there have been 800 kilometers of mostly mountainous tracks laid out, legally cleared, marked and made accessible for rescue-measures and support and total 314 persons were working for the sake of 118 riders and their assistance crew members.


Red Bull Romaniacs is one of the hardest Enduro Rallys and in the Top 10 Motorcycle Adventure worldwide.
The history of the last event that can offer you a race in the wilderness of Europe began more then ten years ago, but the challenge started in 2004, when, for the first time, one of the best riders in the world raced at the first ever Red Bull Romaniacs – Cyril Despres. The head of the event is Martin Freinademetz, a man who dedicated his life to extreme sports and who tried everything – from snow competition to the African desert and wilderness of Carpathian Mountains. Romaniacs is a hard enduro rally that offers you the chance to discover the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains.
Starting with a Prologue in the middle of the town, Red Bull Romaniacs is close to the public. At nine of the previous editions, the main street from Sibiu was chosen as the perfect location for the Prologue. After the day in town, the riders will go to the mountains for four days and this is basically the hardest part, because every day the riders pass from stones to trees, difficult climbing and downhill, river crossing etc. Because the track is so difficult, after five days of racing, in general at the finish you are going to find half of the riders that you have seen at the start of Red Bull Romaniacs.