I had the honor of being one of the first civilians to ever scuba dive with the 72nd Special Forces Brigade and to take unique photographs that would present this special unit in a different and very special way.

In addition to everything I have ever done, this was certainly one of those experiences that will be remembered forever. In addition to the whole organization for this photo shoot, the only part we could not influence were the weather conditions and the visibility underwater.

Photographically, if the visibility is not good, it immediately reflects on the whole project. We had very difficult conditions and very poor visibility, but we proved that even in such conditions it can be a great outcome with incredible motivation and energy of all of us.

The experience for me during this photo shoot was invaluable, and once again all my underwater and scuba diving trainings with and without an underwater camera came to the fore.

We are left with unique photos of these amazing guys that will be presented in many military magazines around the world!