Photographing Formula 1 should be on the “must do” list of any serious sports photographer. The opportunity that I got can be described as “dream shooting” because I was engaged to work with Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, as well as the entire Infinity Red Bull Racing team at Monza, the historic place when it comes to Formula 1 racing.

My photographs can also be described as “special shooting” because this engagement was precisely that. The race and the track at this year’s Italian GP race was entirely secondary matter to me because the priority of this photoshooting were drivers Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, Infinity Red Bull Racing team garage and all the details that ordinary photographers and people do not have access to.

At the moment when you made ​​the first step into the garage of Red Bull Racing team the first thought that will go through your head is that you’re in a completely different world on another planet.

After that the first contact with entire team can be hard to describe because the way of communication, team spirit and mutual kindness are something that makes this team one of the best in the world. And at the end the contact with the best athletes in the world is something to what I’m used to after all the photoshootings and all the years of work that I have behind me, but taking photos with these guys can be called truely special.

Sebastian and Daniel are people who definitely are not passing their popularity on people they work with. Ease of communication and professionalism simply fascinated me. They definitely have succeeded in four days that I worked with them to make this photoshooting the number one on the list of my favorite ones ever.

After this experience I am convinced that my engagement in this type of photoshootings and Formula 1 will become much more frequent. Until then, good luck to Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Riciardo and Infinity Red Bull Racing team to the rest of the season 2014.