Photo shooting windsurfers and water sports in general is always special for me and different than many other sports.

One of those photo shooting that I would separate is one in Italy on the beautiful lake La Garda with one of the best windsurfers in the world Patrik Pollak – Slovakian Olympian athlete.
Patrik is a windsurfer which is a real professional with great experience and so that is one of the main reasons for successful photo shooting. The final outcome with very good photos in that case is guaranteed.
Our mutual plan was to make some unusual and unique photos which on the end we definitely did. Photos immediately went on few different European magazines. You can see here a front cover page of Windsurfer magazine with inside pages and interview with Patrik Pollak.

Patrik Pollak – Passion And Philosophy

For as far back in time as men took to the sea in search of fame, fortune and adventure, they were known as Waterman.
There was no literal translation of the word and it has gone by different names in different languages over the centuries in large and small countries all over the world. But if you were to put the words “fearless” and “experimentation next to the word Waterman, you would have a fair definition.
Watermen did not move according to society’s expectations. They were not easily tied down. Their soul and reason for being was just over the next wave or out beyond the far horizon. To be a waterman in any time in earth’s history was to be something special!

What Patrik Says About Pictures:

It is not easy to catch the magic of the moment with just one shot. Place, mood, atmosphere and everything else, that makes picture a good picture. Picture which doesn’t need a subtitle and picture which says it all. Photos catching a moments in time like these money cannot buy.