Our planet offers so many beautiful places that sometimes can’t be imagined before they are seen and experienced. It is, also, hard to explain by words to someone all the expressions that you are bringing from somewhere far away. That kind of place is one of the islands of Maldives and is called Velassaru!

Maldives as an island nation in the Indian Ocean is formed by a double chain of twenty six atolls and it features 1192 islands of witch two hundred are inhabited. This is the lowest country on the planet with the average ground level of 1.5 meters above sea level and also country with the lowest highest point in the world – 2.3 meters. A great concern for the Maldivian people is the fact that Maldives is sinking true the years that come.

Yes, that is really possible and so sad when you think that one day in far future there will be no more this heavenly beautiful islands! But we can not fight the nature and its course.
Until then we can fully enjoy in places like Velassaru!!
Velassaru Maldives is located on South Male atoll and private coral island soaked in year-round Maldivian sunshine. It is a 25-minutes speedboat ride from Malé International Airport.

Velassaru offers endless legendary white send that dissolves into translucent turquoise water and lush tropical greenery witch conceals pristine natural beauty within an ingenious work of nature. You can find a perfect tranquility, relaxation, hospitality and kindness of inhabitants. There is luxurious beachfront and over-water bungalows and villas with uninterrupted ocean views. You can rest or take a walk on the pearly beach, have a lunch in a few very good restaurants with a wide variety of international specialties, eat tropical fruits by the pool or also on the beach as well as all kind of cold cocktails. If you decide to give your body a perfect full-treatment then you can go on yoga classes and enjoy relaxing in spa treatments in over-water pavilions. Simply, you experience everything that can be imagined for a paradise vacation.

Sometimes if you are lucky you will have a light tropical rain for 5-10 minutes and then try to feel it outside of your room…in water for the perfect feeling.
Around 6:30 pm is time for the most beautiful and breathtaking sunset that you can watch from the beach or the traditional romantic boat.

It’s really hard to express all in words so maybe pictures can tell a little bit more about this heaven island until you get a chance to visit it.
Velassaru as all Maldives is the unexplainable beauty that shakes your heart and soul in every possible way!