Book “Montenegro from a different perspective” (MNE edition)

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What first springs to mind when you think of Montenegro? What is it that makes it special? Is it the majestic coast, wild mountains, spectacular lakes, historycal sites or contrasts between seasons? The many parts of this book actually present all of that in one place, in an attempt to present it all from a completely different perspective that will, in a special way, evoke the beauty of some places that are incredible in their own right. Of course, none of this can be compared with spending time there, but the incredible photography of Predrag Vučković brings the reality of the locations presented closer to all readers.

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What first crosses your mind when you think of Montenegro? What is it that makes this land special? From my photographic perspective, I will certainly single out the coastline, wild mountains, spectacular lakes, historical sites and seasonal contrasts. Many parts of this book actually present all of these elements in one place, in an attempt to show everything from a completely different perspective that will, in a special way, will encapsulate places that are already incredible in their own right.
It is an absolute privilege to spend years exploring, traveling and photographing throughout Montenegro, in an effort to make the unseen seen and to present that which has already been seen in a completely different way. Likewise, I’ve never before experienced so many different landscapes in such a small space. Water and stone, hidden and unexplored places have always lured me back, while also keeping me at a distance from more or less common tourist trails. During the shooting of all locations featured in this book, I attempted to move closer to nature, and to some special historical buildings, and to try to bring their beauty and challenging nature as close as possible to all those able to feel the true magic of such places.
I’ve attempted, throughout this entire book, to present some completely hidden and inaccessible places that truly exist without most people ever even knowing of them. The inaccessibility of some locations ensures they also carry the title of places never-before-photographed, or never previously presented in any photographic form. It was very often simply a complicated undertaking, while the usual situation was totally unusual. The challenges that confronted me over the course of this particular five-year journey merely serve to prove how demanding and completely unreal it has been to tackle the book project “Montenegro from a Different Perspective”.
Through the images featured in this book, generally all parts of Montenegro are presented, but over the course of all these years I’ve come to realize that this small country is not small at all, and that there’s plenty more of the incredible and unexplored to be seen. I realized at one instant that photography was constantly leading me forward, and that the incredible locations were lining up one after the other, meaning that no end could be seen to this photography adventure of mine. I decided to briefly interrupt my journey, and to publish a book with the material I’ve already amassed, and for the continuation to just be something that I will at one point fuse with this existing work.

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