Book “Serbia from a different perspective” (ENG edition)

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This book will let you enjoy the unique images not only of luxuriant national parks, town and city landmarks, and medieval fortresses and monasteries, but also those of unexplored canyons, hidden waterfalls, and wild, incredibly beautiful nature of Serbia.

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How well do you know Serbia? Regardless of what your answer is, I am sure that through this book you will get to know it and experience it from a completely different perspective. I know I have. While travelling around Serbia, I would quite unexpectedly come across places that as a photographer I simply could not resist. Therefore, all photographs in this book show different aspects of nature and incredible contrasts that exist in Serbia. The beauty of Serbia lies in its urban, modernized areas, as well as in its archaic, centuries old locations and buildings.
My aim was to show both recognizable and hidden or forgotten places in a way never seen before. Guided by the desire to make photographs that would justify the name of this book, I had to use all my powers. As often as not, the main issue was not how far I had to go – but rather how high I had to climb. The images you are about to see in this book were not taken just from the ground level – some were taken from an airplane or a helicopter, some by using a drone, and quite a few were taken from the water.
The pages before you will let you enjoy the unique scenes of luxuriant national parks, of medieval fortresses and monasteries, as well as of familiar towns and monuments of culture, all brought to you from an unusual point of view. You will also see unexplored canyons, hidden waterfalls, and wild, incredibly beautiful nature. I have tried to show the well-known places in a different light, making the ordinary, everyday locations more attractive by presenting them from a different angle. You will also find less popular or completely unknown localities that are very difficult to reach, but that are no less fascinating. For many, those photographs will provide the only opportunity to get a glimpse of some of these places.
While I was working on this project, extraordinary landscapes off the beaten track and truly unbelievable sights that only nature could create kept amazing me time and time again. It is a real privilege and an incredibly beautiful feeling when such fantastic scenes just reveal themselves before you. I was fascinated by the fact that many of these spots are still unexplored and wild. I have tried to capture unique moments, as well as the atmosphere and vibe of every location, which is why this book will, in a manner of speaking, be a journey through emotions as well. Some photographs will fill you with positive energy, some will draw you in with their mysteriousness, some will send a shiver down your spine, while some will make you feel wistful. Be that as it may, I am sure you will not be able to stay indifferent to any one of them.

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