I recently published photos from the “Training Ground” project with Marko Dragosavljević, so one of those photos was chosen as the Red Bull photo of the month at the global level!

Red Bull Content Pool had a lot of competition for the photo of the month only in the “Training Ground” moments of Marko Dragosavljević, which I immortalized from the most beautiful possible angles. That’s exactly how this “drone” photo of kayaking through the swamps near Belgrade was created. During the scouting of the location before the actual photoshoot, I noticed this green swamp and a completely wild location that was difficult to access, for that very reason it was particularly interesting to me. Accordingly, I decided to make the drone as primary tool and I was not wrong – a cloudy day brought us an unforgettable and authentic scene.

The project with Marko Dragosavljević is just another proof that big and unique projects cannot be realized without a lot of sacrifice and effort. In my discovery of amazing locations for the book “Serbia from a different perspective”, I found locations that were also unique for Marko’s kayak challenge. The friendship with Marko and in general, our high level of motivation, was the key to the success of this project, which allowed the team to overcome all difficulties and capture everything at the highest possible level during two months of photography in eight different locations.