Through the spectacle called Red Bull Showrun, Sarajevo experienced the exclusive world of Formula 1, and for me, as a photographer, this was another one of those events that I especially enjoy. After several Red Bull Showruns that I’ve done lately, this one was somehow special because it happened in Sarajevo, in a city that I especially love and that I’m connected to by friends and many projects that I’ve done over the years.

Formula 1 belongs to those sports that we associate more with modern centers like Monaco or Abu Dhabi, but F1, at least in a small edition, recently stopped by Sarajevo, where the former big name – David Coulthard – rushed by.

The streets of Sarajevo looked and sounded like the streets of Monte Carlo at the time of the Formula 1 race. More than ten thousand spectators, who were lucky enough to be in the stands and along the track itself, and many more on the surrounding sidewalks, enjoyed the spectacle that will to be remembered for a long time.

The car was driven through the city streets by the famous Briton, former world vice champion David Coulthard, and fans of octane and high speed were mesmerized by his performance. Hot asphalt was smoking, high-octane fuel fumes were spreading, and the smell of hot tires could be felt all around.

It is about one of the most dominant cars of its time, with which in 2011 Red Bull won the world championship in Formula One and individually, it was Sebastian Vettel, and in terms of constructors, as a team. Its value is around 12 to 15 million dollars, and its individual parts, such as the steering wheel, which, when viewed from the side, look like ordinary little things, are worth fabulous sums, up to 500 thousand dollars.

David made three runs at the Red Bull Showrun Sarajevo, and the last one was particularly attractive because he was joined at the same moment on the track by the great Arunas Gibieza on a motorcycle as well as the phenomenal duo Red Bull Driftbrothers in their powerful drift cars. They marked a great day in Sarajevo with their points, which will be remembered for a long time.

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